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Sound Devices 688+ SL6 Wireless Attachment.

  • 6 Analog XLR inputs, 6 TA3 Line inputs 12 in total.   
  • 6 Aux outs, 2 5 pin outs, 1 isolated tape out, L,R standard XLR out for maximum flexibility.
  • High accurate integrated Ambient timecode generator.
  • MixAssist and Dugan Automixer.
  • Records to SD and CompactFlash simultaneously.
  • Quad power supply with PowerSafe technology.


  • x2 MCR42S Duel receivers with Dipole antennas.
  • x4 MTP40S Transmitters.
  • x1 MTB40S Plugon Transmitter. (Cable Free Boom)
  •  x2 Lectrosonics IFBT4 Transmitters. One Line for crew second line for private comms between Boom Op and Sound Mixer.
  • x4 Lectrosonics IFB R1A IFB Receivers for the Director, Script Supervisor and any other crew member who wishes to listen in to the Sound Mix. These also come with a pair of Sennheiser mk2 Headphones
  • x5 Sennheiser G3 radio mic sets


  • x1 Sennheiser 416 shogun Mic.
  • x1 Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic.
  • x2 Rode NT5 Stereo Mic’s
  • x1 Sennheiser MKH 8070 Rifle Mic.
  • x1 Schoeps Super CMIT 2 U.
  • x9 Sanken Cos11 Lapel Mic’s.
  • x4 DPA 4071 Lapel Mic’s.
  • x1 DPA SCO60 Slim Lapel Mic.


  • x2 Tentacle Sync with all cables for all major industry cameras.
  • x1 Timecode Systems wave Unit.
  • x2 UltraSync Sync Boxes with all cables for all major industry cameras.


All my equipment is packed up nicely into a peli case enabling me to travel around the country and abroad.

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